Adam D. Brown

Adam loves a challenge. Just ask him about the time a well-known judge “asked” him to cross examine a State Trooper for two hours in complete darkness after the power went out (Adam won, the blood test being fought was suppressed).

There are a number of people who have Adam to thank for saving their careers after obtaining a NOT GUILTY verdict at trial, including military officers with Top Secret clearances, commercial airline pilots, medical personnel, and even other lawyers who chose Adam to represent them when they were at their most vulnerable.

Simply put, he hates losing, and will obsess about your case until he finds the best possible way to defend you.

Some people simply can’t afford to have a criminal conviction.

DUI Defense

Adam is certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, and has taken coursework in the “Drug Recognition Expert” (DRE) model, which is what law enforcement considers the highest level of DUI and drug impairment detection.

Adam has also taken a post-graduate course in Forensic Metrology, which is the science of measurement. He maintains licensure as a Georgia Professional Registered Nurse, which gives him special insight into many other facets of DUI investigations.

He is a member of the National College of DUI Defense and was selected by fellow Georgia DUI expert attorneys to be a full member of Georgia’s Defense of Drinking Drivers Institute.

He has successfully defended many clients ranging from the homeless, to NFL and MLB players, and screen actors.

Adam will work tirelessly to get the outcome you desire, whether that is winning the case outright in a jury trial or finding creative solutions for those with a more discrete need.

Free Consultation

First, Don’t Panic. Adam’s main goal during a consultation is to reduce your stress. That often leads to potential clients becoming actual clients. He doesn’t like the “used car salesman” approach, so he doesn’t subject others to such tactics, either.

He is a firm believer that a consultation should leave you feeling educated and ready to begin the process of moving forward towards a powerful defense.

The length of the consultation is determined by your needs—some cases take twenty minutes; others might need hours.

For your ease, most consultations can take place over the phone.

Commitment to YOU

Adam was an Assistant Public Defender in Paulding County, Georgia, where he handled over 1,000 criminal cases ranging from murder to juvenile delinquency.

Adam greatest joy in public defense was the figuring out that the underdog can win if enough work is put into a case. His background in science lead him into the trenches of DUI defense, fighting back against law enforcement’s pseudo-science.

This led to him being later recruited by a prestigious DUI-specific firm in metro-Atlanta. To this day, Adam still takes some appointed cases just to make sure his motives remain in the right place.

He has been an invited speaker on the topic of pro-bono criminal defense, and he mentors up-and-coming assistant public defenders in DUI defense across Northern Georgia.

His public defense experience was formative, teaching him three key things.

  1. Everyone deserves a constitutionally effective defense.
  2. Everyone deserves a trustworthy attorney regardless of whether a fee was paid.
  3. Everyone deserves an attorney curious enough to study and learn about new topics that may arise in a given case.

Help with Substance Abuse

Adam understands how small details can make a big impact on a person’s life.

Just after finishing a residency in critical care nursing, Adam saw how unjust our system was, dumping folks with addiction problems right back into the world without any help.

He put his money where his mouth was and went to law school. If you are one of Adam’s clients, he will be there for you come thick or thin, and if you need help, he will get it to you.

Adam has developed close relationships with many substance abuse evaluators, and will only refer his clients to those he trusts to make an honest assessment.

Family & Free Time

At one point in his life, Adam was a wilderness first responder and climbing guide.

While he doesn’t dangle off cliffs anymore, he still frequently spends time backpacking in the mountains with his family.



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Adam D Brown Nurse Lawyer


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