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Any accident on the roads in Gwinnett County can cause serious injury but when an 18-wheeler, tractor-trailer or semi-truck is involved, it’s more likely to result in catastrophic injury.

It’s an unfair match when a truck and a car collide. Invariably, we all know who comes off worse.

If the accident is the result of the negligence or recklessness of the truck driver, receiving fair compensation for injuries to you or a loved one is your right. Yet, many times, the trucking company, driver or insurance company fails to take proper responsibility.

With the advocacy of an experienced truck accident lawyer, you can even up the contest. Large trucking companies are often represented by large insurance companies and at the Law Office of Adam D. Brown, we know how to hold them accountable.

We will defend your rights and not rest until you get the compensation that you are due, even in the most complex cases.

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Why hire a personal injury lawyer after a truck accident?

Many people think that claiming compensation for an accident that was clearly the fault of a truck driver should be a matter of course.

Unfortunately, claiming what you deserve can be a challenge without someone who has prior experience going into battle with truck companies and their insurance representatives.

Truck accidents are more complex than car accidents. With car accidents, a settlement with the insurance company of the at-fault driver is often relatively straightforward. Truck accidents may involve not only truck drivers but their employers and other employees —as well as the large insurance company that represent them.

Liability may be denied completely or the blame for the accident may be shifted towards the victim. Delaying tactics may be used or low-ball settlements offered. Sometimes, these strategies work and the trucking company escapes full accountability.

If Adam D. Brown represents you, that won’t happen. As a personal injury lawyer accustomed to the tactics used by trucking companies, no settlement will be signed unless it is in your best interests. We will aim to build a case that makes it impossible for the trucking company to escape full liability for the accident.

If it means maximizing the compensation for you, we will take your truck accident case to trial. The trucking insurance companies know this and will be less inclined to try to force you to settle for less if you are represented by an experienced lawyer. The vast majority of cases are settled out of court and never make it to trial.

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    What are the most common causes of truck accident lawsuits in Georgia?

    Truck accidents are particularly common on our roads because trucks can’t stop as fast or turn as quickly as most vehicles. Drivers are also frequently at the wheel for 10 hours or more per day.

    If negligence or reckless driving was involved in your accident, you may have a valid claim for damages.

    The most common reasons for truck accident lawsuits in Gwinnett County include the following;

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    If an employer fails to properly screen employees, unqualified or unsuitable drivers may be hired. If such a driver’s negligent actions cause an accident that leads to injury, the truck company may be held liable.

    Commercial truck companies and their employees must abide by their legal responsibilities for maintaining and inspecting vehicles or may be held negligent.

    If a driver is inadequately trained in the road regulations for commercial drivers, the company may be held liable in the event of an accident.

    Just like any driver, truck drivers can be tired, distracted or impaired. But truck drivers are held to higher standards because of the potential for serious accidents, so the consequences can be worse.

    Who can be held liable for a truck accident in Georgia?

    Compared with an accident involving two private car drivers in Georgia, a truck accident may involve more liable parties.

    Potentially liable parties include:

    • The truck driver
    • The trucking company
    • The truck owner
    • The truck maintenance provider
    • The cargo loader
    • A parts manufacturer
    • Another motorist

    The “direct action” rule that applies to trucking accidents allows a plaintiff to sue the insurance company directly in addition to the trucking company and trucker (either in the same lawsuit or separate lawsuits).

    Because of the complexities involves in determining liability, a call to Adam D. Brown for assistance should be a priority before you discuss any aspects of the accident or your injuries with the trucking company’s insurance agents.

    How do we gather evidence in truck accident investigations?

    After discussing the circumstances of the accident with you or your loved ones, Adam D. Brown and his team will start gathering evidence.

    Truck accidents are somewhat unique because, unlike regular car accidents, valuable evidence can be obtained from the following types of sources:

    • GPS tracking devices can indicate what happened in the period immediately before and during the truck accident.
    • Black box electronic data recorders can provide information about how fast a truck was traveling and the actions of the driver.
    • In-truck cameras may provide video-footage proof of the truck driver’s negligence.
    • Dispatch records, which can provide details on the truck driver’s route and time in the vehicle.
    • Inspection reports can highlight failures of the trucking company to hold regular inspections or address a maintenance issue.
    • Driving logs, which indicate how many hours a driver worked without a break and can highlight other breaches of regulations.
    • Cargo-loading records can highlight if the cargo was improperly loaded, causing imbalances and potential evidence in a rollover accident or if cargo fell out of a truck and caused an accident.

    What compensation can you claim in truck accident settlements in Georgia?

    Georgia law allows the victim of a trucking accident to receive compensation for both economic and non-economic damages, including the following:

    • Past and future medical bills: the trucking company should pay the full amount, including physical therapy, follow-up surgery, in-home nursing care, etc.
    • Past and future pain and suffering: the physical pain from serious injuries can last long into the future and may never go away entirely (e.g., with spinal injuries or brain trauma)
    • Loss of quality of life: if the injuries impact everyday activities, relationships, and general enjoyment of life, this can be compensated.

    What is the statute of limitations for a trucking accident injury lawsuit?

    In most circumstances, a truck accident lawsuit must be filed within two years of the date of the accident in Georgia or you will lose your right to claim compensation.

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