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Pharmacists spend years educating themselves and training for a license, at considerable expense and effort.

For that to be taken away permanently or restricted temporarily because of a genuine error, a momentary lack of judgement, or a wrongful accusation is unfair.


If you are accused of wrongdoing, facing an investigation, or involved in a pharmacy board complaint in Georgia, a pharmacist license defense attorney can help you defend your professional status.

It helps to know that you’re in the best possible hands to prevent the allegations from having a lasting impact on your career. To protect your license and your reputation, contact The Law Office of Adam D. Brown in Georgia.

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Protect your career and your professional reputation in Georgia

Pharmacists in Georgia are licensed by the Georgia Board of Pharmacy.

Complaints against pharmacists are received  by the Board, however the investigations are usually conducted by the Secretary of State’s Office,  the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency, or in som instancesFederal agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

The laws regulating the inventory, handling and dispensing of medications, controlled substances, and dangerous drugs are far from straightforward. It can be stressful to comply with all of the requirements when dispensing medications. 

As all pharmacists likely know, genuine mistakes can be made. A Board complaint should not jeopardize a dedicated pharmacist’s entire career. 

However, an unfavorable outcome in an investigation may either restrict your pharmacy license or permanently revoke it and prohibit you from working as a pharmacist in Georgia. An adverse ruling may result in a report to the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB), and in some instances can land you on the Federal Office of Inspector General (OIG) Exclusion List.

Even if you retain your license to practice pharmacy, Board decisions may be made public and your professional reputation can be damaged.

Grounds for the suspension or revocation of pharmacist licenses in Georgia

The accusations against you as a pharmacist could be any of the following:

  • Accountability audits
  • Prescription misfills
  • Inappropriate dispensing 
  • Diversion of drugs
  • Criminal offenses

The Georgia Code on the Discipline of Pharmacists and Pharmacies details the following main grounds for the refusal, suspension, or revocation of pharmacist licenses:

  • Unprofessional conduct and unethical practices
  • Mental and physical incapacity that impedes work duties
  • Felony or other criminal charges
  • Misrepresentation of license information
  • Aiding in the practice of an unlicensed pharmacist
  • Violating the Georgia Pharmacy Practice Act
  • Violating the regulations of the Drug Enforcement Agency

How can an experienced pharmacist license attorney help?

As an experienced pharmacist license defense attorney, Adam D. Brown can help defend you against any type of allegation that leads to an investigation, preparing letters of explanation, and culling evidence and representing you before the Office of State Administrative Hearings in defense of your license.

Typical pharmacist license issues we can help resolve in Georgia

The Law Office of Adam D. Brown in Gwinnett County can help pharmacists address the following types of matters:

  • Board complaints: We can help you respond to requests for  sworn statements, attend interviews during your investigation and represent you at hearings, appeals and more.
  • Board or DEA investigations:  We can help you respond to allegations  of violations of professional standards, e.g., failure to account for controlled substances.
  • Criminal cases: Whether you are accused of DUI, theft, drug diversion, prescription fraud, or another crime, our strong criminal defense background within the medical community can protect you before and during a criminal prosecution.
  • Drug/alcohol impairment: If you are accused of substance abuse, drug diversion, or controlled substance crimes or violations, we will help you answer the charges with the assistance of our firm’s network drug and alcohol evaluators, including physicians approved to conduct Mental and Physical Evaluations (MPEs)
  • Failure to report allegations: Pharmacists face mandatory reporting and record-keeping requirements and failure to comply can trigger an investigation. We can defend you.

Regulatory violations: If you fail to designate a Pharmacist in Charge, have inappropriate Pharmacy to Tech ratios or fail to maintain adequate inventory records, you may be investigated. We will defend you.

You don’t have to handle your Board of Pharmacy investigation alone

It is daunting for any pharmacist to face an investigation where their professional conduct is called into question or allegations of a criminal nature are made.

Even if you know you are innocent, there can be serious repercussions if you make the wrong moves in response to the allegations. Your license could be in jeopardy.

Attempting to defend yourself from damaging accusations can be a gamble.

Adam D. Brown spent years in the medical profession before practicing as a lawyer. He is experienced in how professional licensing  boards in Georgia view and approach disciplinary action against medical professionals. 

As an experienced pharmacist license defense attorney, he will do everything possible to secure a favorable outcome with the minimum impact on your career.

If you have received a call, email, or letter from your licensing Board, call us for a free and confidential case evaluation at (404) 383-3388.
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