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Professional teachers work hard to earn the right to do what they love. For that to be risked by an accusation of wrongdoing or misconduct can be very harsh.

A criminal charge, a professional complaint against you or the threat of a license suspension need to be taken seriously because they can stall your career or worse, end it.

The local teaching district in Georgia is duty bound to investigate complaints and may take disciplinary action if their findings support the complainant’s version of events.

Sometimes, complaints have no merit and are driven by other motives. In any case, you need to effectively respond to the allegations made.

It generally pays to have legal representation. Not only will this reduce the stress of a challenging situation, but a teacher’s license defense attorney can provide advice and support at the hearings and help you respond to the allegations against you.

Adam D. Brown is based in Gwinnett County and ready to hear your story. He will do everything possible to protect your professional reputation and career.

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Defending teachers in Georgia

If your license is in danger of not being renewed or you are facing suspension, termination, or are being investigated by the school district or the Professional Standards Commission (PSC), experienced legal assistance from a teacher’s license defense attorney can protect you.

It can be daunting and inadvisable to fight the case on your own with so much at stake. School Districts rarely provide independent legal advice as their paramount concern is protecting the school’s reputation.

Sometimes, allegations are unsubstantiated, licenses are wrongly suspended or terminated, teachers not given a fair hearing in complaints hearings, and decisions are made for “political” reasons rather than by careful consideration of the evidence.

This is unfortunate given the amount of work that goes into obtaining your professional teaching license in the first place. Legal assistance ensures that you are treated fairly and can present evidence in your defense, which can help save your career.

Adam D. Brown has considerable experience in defending professional licenses in Gwinnett County and has helped many teachers to continue doing what they love even after an investigation against them.

What complaints can lead to a teaching license suspension in Georgia?

With teachers held in high regard in Georgia, the backlash against any perceived indiscretion or misdemeanor can be severe.

If a compliant is made, the school district or PSC will want to protect their reputations and must investigate.

Sometimes, they want to demonstrate to parents and board members that they have acted swiftly to address a problem. A license suspension is often the result and the teacher is left without an opportunity for an adequate defense.

Some of the most common accusations that lead to license suspensions include:

These are serious allegations that could lead to impairment at work and may result in criminal charges.

Again, serious allegations, especially in the current climate, and you should consider hiring a defense attorney to protect your rights.

There is a basic code of ethics for teachers and violations can result in reputational damage and license suspension.

If you are accused of providing fraudulent information to obtain a teacher’s license, an immediate suspension is highly likely.

A DUI or charge for theft brings your character into question and is likely to result in disciplinary action by the school district or PSC.

How will a DUI arrest affect my teacher’s license in Georgia?

If you are arrested for DUI in Georgia, you are facing serious consequences and a lifelong criminal record. But all is not lost.

Teachers are held to lofty standards, so a DUI conviction could affect your teacher’s license but there is no reason to think that you will be automatically terminated from your position.

Everybody makes honest mistakes – even teachers – and owning up to this is usually a good policy.

An attorney who can help you defend your DUI charge AND provide legal advice for a teacher’s license defense can be of great assistance as you deal with the consequences.

Adam D. Brown can help you maintain normal work hours and focus on your job while he looks after the legal issues for you and may be able to schedule any appearances around the school calendar.

A DUI arrest must be reported to the school principal and teacher’s licensing board but if it is your first DUI offense, it shouldn’t automatically mean a license suspension or termination. Adam D. Brown may even be able to prevent you losing your driving privileges to get to work.

If an alcohol or drug dependency is identified, we may advise you to begin treatment before attending court.

How will we help defend your teaching license?

As an experienced professional license defense attorney, helping to protect the licenses of professionals from vets to real estate agents, Adam D. Brown will assist your teacher’s license defense in several ways:

  • Choose a viable defense for your alleged actions

Once we know your story, we will attempt to show that either the facts of the case are inaccurate or there were mitigating circumstances at play that caused the incident. On many occasions, cases are dismissed and suspended licenses reinstated.

  • Strengthen the defense with evidence and witnesses

After learning the facts of the case, your lawyer will gather evidence, conduct interviews and gather witness testimonials if necessary to bolster your defense.

  • Prepare you for your hearing

If the school conducts a hearing into the complaint against you, it will be necessary to provide an account of what happened. Adam D. Brown can prepare you for this and advise you on how to frame your statement.

We believe that one professional complaint made against you should not define your teaching career forever.

If you have received a call, email, or letter from your licensing board, call us for a free and confidential case evaluation: (404) 883-8893.
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