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Nursing License Defense in Gwinnett County, Georgia

nursing license defense atorney in Gwinnett County, Georgia

If you are worried about renewing your Georgia Nursing License, whether an RN or LPN, call the Nurse Lawyer,

Adam D. Brown. Adam is both a Georgia Registered Nurse and a criminal defense trial lawyer.

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What is a Nursing License Defense Lawyer?

If you have been arrested or convicted of any traffic or criminal offense since your last professional license renewal, you need to talk to someone.

Not only will you need to present yourself in the best possible light, you may well need to work on building a mitigation packet to present to your professional licensing board. While the Law Office of Adam D. Brown will work with any professional seeking to mitigate adverse Board action due to an arrest or substance abuse issues, the Board of Nursing holds a special place in Adam’s heart, as he is a Registered Professional Nurse just like many of his clients.

In addition to the pre-renewal efforts that need to be observed, there are a myriad of ways to improve your chances to not only get your criminal case reduced or dismissed, but also to renew your license without public sanctions.

Nurse License Defense attorney Adam D. Brown is experienced in representing Registered Nurses through the renewal process following criminal substance abuse convictions, including DUI and Drug Offenses. If you are facing an uncertain renewal process, and are in fear of losing your hard-earned professional license, Contact Law Office of Adam D. Brown today for a free consultation. (404) 883-8893.

Nurse Attorney Adam Brown has developed a special relationship with other clinicians who are dedicated to providing the best possible care to suspected impaired nurses, and with his guidance and multi-disciplinary approach, his clients are able to secure the best possible outcome for their future nursing career.

Lern more Can I still be a nurse if I was arrested?

How involved is the renewal process? Do I really need an RN renewal lawyer?

Compare the list of penalties below, which include the mandatory minimum penalty for a first lifetime DUI, and the conditions the Board of Nursing often imposes following a DUI conviction.

It is easy to see. If people hire the best DUI Defense Lawyer they can afford, they should also find the best Nurse License Defense attorney as well.

Luckily, Adam worked for one of Georgia’s most prestigious DUI Defense firms before creating the Law Office of Adam D. Brown.

He has successfully represented commercial pilots with multiple pending DUIs successfully to ZERO DUI convictions, as well as medical doctors, architects, professional football and baseball players, actors and actresses, and military officers with top secret security clearances.

Some folks simply can’t lose their case. In those type of must-win situations, don’t panic. 

Call Adam.  (404) 883-8893.

He is the only RN member of Georgia’s Defense of Drinking Driver’s Institute–Georgia’s premier Invitation-only DUI Bar Association.

Compare the two types of penalties nurses face when arrested for DUI.

While the Board of Nursing has the option of REVOKING your nursing license outright, if you are convicted of the DUI, you are facing at a LOT more headache.

Hire Adam to defend both your alleged DUI and your Nursing License Renewal.

Mandatory DUI Penalties

  1. Twelve months of probation
  2. Forty hours community service
  3. Drug and alcohol evaluation by a counselor (roughly two hours)
  4. DUI School (three day class)
  5. Driver’s License suspension usually four months with a limited permit

Common Board of Nursing Probationary Conditions following a DUI conviction in Georgia

How will a DUI affect your nursing license in Georgia? What factors will the Board of Nursing consider? Below is a list of common probationary conditions that can be place on you following a DUI or an impaired driving under the influence of drugs charge in Georgia.

  1. Three years minimum probation (must be three years of continuous compliance, so the probationary period could be longer if you slip up)
  2. Psychotherapy Evaluation by a physician board certified in addiction medicine
  3. Psychotherapy Course of Treatment completion
  4. Quarterly Reports from Psychotherapist
  5. Mental and Physical Evaluation, with favorable finding pertaining to ability to perform duties
  6. Continuing Education Coursework
  7. Quarterly Reports from Employer
  8. Quarterly Reports from yourself
  9. Quarterly Reports from a Substance Abuse Treatment Aftercare program approved by the Board of Nursing
  10. Monthly PEth (blood alcohol) testing for first 12 months
  11. Bi-monthly random urine drug screens for duration of probationary period
  12. Random alcohol screens
  13. Enrollment in an Affinity Program, like the one offered by the Georgia Nurses Association
  14. Restrictions on nursing practice, often including an inability to practice in the following areas without prior Board of Nursing Approval: Agency/Pool Assignments; Private Duty Nursing; In-Home Nursing; Internal Float Pools; Travel Nursing; In-Home Hospice.
  15. Abstaining from alcohol, and mood-altering substances, including controlled substances unless prescribed.
  16. If prescribed any medication, providing a letter from the prescriber to both the Board of Nursing and the treatment/aftercare provider within 10-days of receiving such subscription.

Let us handle your professional Nursing license defense case

Adam D. Brown spent several years in the medical profession as a critical care registered nurse  before law school. He is experienced in how the various professional licensing boards in Georgia view and approach disciplinary action against medical professionals. 
You always have a chance of clearing your name. As your nursing license defense attorney, Adam D. Brown, RN, BSN, Esq. will examine the evidence against you and prepare the best defense possible.
If you have received a call, email, or letter from your licensing Board, call us for a free and confidential case evaluation: (404) 883-8893.
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