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Respiratory care professional license defense in Gwinnett County Georgia

When pursuing a career as a respiratory care therapists it requires a great deal of time and schooling before being able to build your own practice. However, an accusation of impropriety & wrongdoing can destroy everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Even if you are unaware that your actions have elicited complaints with merit, you might be facing disciplinary actions such as the suspension of your professional license which can bring your hard earned career to an abrupt halt

A broad range of accusations could put your respiratory care license in jeopardy. Some of the complaints that could result in disciplinary actions by the board are:

  • Use of alcohol or drugs while on the job,
  • Failure to meet accepted standards of care for patients,
  • Breach of confidentiality,
  • Inappropriate professional boundaries and relationships with patients,
  • Conviction of a criminal offense, especially if it is related to your job duties,
  • Fraud, including insurance or Medicaid fraud.

If you have received a notice that the Board is investigating a complaint against you, do not procrastinate and contact Adam D. Brown immediately.

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License Renewal for Respiratory Care Professionals

Respiratory Therapists must renew their license every 2 years through the Georgia Composite Medical Board.

You may need a letter of explanation due to pending or previous criminal charges, or a laps in licensure.

New graduates may also need a letter of explanation when applying for licensure if they have a pending or past criminal charge, like a DUI, for example.

What happens when my respiratory care license is being investigated? What should I do?

First and Foremost, do not admit anything to the investigator or the board. Secondly, Don’t Panic! respectfully, tell the investigator that you have an attorney and do not feel comfortable discussing anything until they are present.

Investigators have a forte for asking questions that you may not see the harm in answering, the questions can be as simple as: “Was this your patient?” or “Did you work this day?”.

These may seem like innocent questions, but the answers may be key pieces to their investigations.

Why is it important to hire an Attorney to defend my respiratory care license?

To protect yourself and your license! Board Disciplinary Proceedings can be every bit as complex and detrimental as a Criminal Prosecution.

If you needed a complex medical procedure you would not perform this yourself, you would let a profession in that field perform it. Well, that is what we do. You worked hard for your license, let us work hard for you.

Attorney Adam D. Brown, RN, BSN, Esq., has been a trial attorney for 8 years specializing in criminal and professional license defense.

He not only understands the complex nature of an investigation, but uniquely, Adam also maintains a professional license as a registered nurse in Georgia. Adam will be effective counsel for your license renew, board investigation, or administrative hearing.

If you have received a call, email, or letter from your licensing Board, call us for a free and confidential case evaluation at (404) 883-8893.
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