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Representing Registered Nurses through the renewal process following criminal substance abuse convictions, including DUI and Drug Offenses.

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He is the only RN member of Georgia’s Defense of Drinking Driver’s Institute–Georgia’s premier Invitation-only DUI Bar Association.

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At the Law Office of Adam D. Brown, LLC, we work diligently and tirelessly to protect the rights of individuals who have been charged with criminal offenses.

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If you have been arrested or convicted of any traffic or criminal offense since your last professional license renewal, you need to talk to someone. Not only will you need to present yourself in the best possible light, you may well need to work on building a mitigation packet to present to your professional licensing board.

While the Law Office of Adam D. Brown will work with any professional seeking to mitigate adverse Board action due to an arrest or substance abuse issues, the Board of Nursing holds a special place in Adam’s heart, as he is a Registered Professional Nurse just like many of his clients. In addition to the pre-renewal efforts that need to be observed, there are a myriad of ways to improve your chances to not only get your criminal case reduced or dismissed, but also to renew your license without public sanctions.

If you are facing an uncertain renewal process, and are in fear of losing your hard-earned professional license, contact Law Office of Adam D. Brown today for a free consultation. (404) 883-8893.

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Our experienced lawyer has successfully defended numerous nurses charged with a crime in Georgia.

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Simply put, Adam will not give up on you.

Adam D. Brown

Adam loves a challenge. He enjoys taking cases that other attorneys call “lost causes.” There are a number of people, including nurses, doctors, Top Secret security clearance holders, Pilots, and other lawyers, who have Adam to thank for saving their careers in such cases, many after having obtained a NOT GUILTY verdict at trial. Simply put, Adam hates losing, and will obsess about your case until he finds the best possible way to defend you.

Administrative Trial Experience – The “Trial” portion of Nursing License Defense
Most license defense cases end with some sort of pre-trial outcome (private warning, public reprimand, consent order, etc). Some, though, have to go farther. In those cases, the Attorney General’s Office will send a lawyer to represent the Board of Nursing in an administrative hearing through the Office of State Administrative Hearings. This involves conducting what is essentially a civil bench trial in front of an Administrative Law Judge. These are the same kinds of hearings/trials that DUI Defense attorneys handle when defending a person’s Driver’s License. Through his extensive experience as a DUI Defense attorney, Adam has defended hundreds of these administrative cases. The fact that he is also a Registered Professional Nurse, and knows what you’ve been through and what you are facing makes him an easy first choice for defending your nursing license.

Professional License Defense
Adam has been a licensed registered nurse in Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and California. He understands how stressful interactions with the professional licensing boards are, and how vital unencumbered licensure is to the maintenance of your livelihood and reputation. He has helped licensed individuals successfully navigate licensing board inquiries to the most discrete outcome possible.

A common line of inquiry deals with substance abuse, whether it is alcohol, prescription drugs, or other types of drugs. On top of defending the underlying charge (if any), Adam can help you begin building a mitigation packet on DAY 1. As a former clinician himself, Adam is extremely selective about the substance abuse evaluators he recommends, knowing that a misfired assessment will almost certainly result in a missed target down the line. Moreover, Adam is mindful of costs, and works diligently to make sure clients are doing the most meaningful and impactful work, rather than immediately jumping to high-dollar “boutique” services.

Adam will defend your Georgia nursing license no matter where you are in the world! The Georgia Board of Nursing sits in Macon, GA. Some of his clients have a Georgia license, and live in another country. That’s OK. All clients receive access to his secure encrypted client portal, and Adam’s personal cell phone. He travels across the state nearly every day to defend the needs of his clients.

Free Consultation
First, Don’t Panic. Adam’s main goal during a consultation is to reduce your stress. That often leads to potential clients becoming actual clients. He doesn’t like the “used car salesman” approach, so he doesn’t subject others to such tactics, either. He is a firm believer that a consultation should leave you feeling educated and ready to begin the process of moving forward towards a powerful defense. The length of the consultation is determined by your needs—some cases take twenty minutes; others might need hours. For your ease, most consultations can take place over the phone.

Just a Note for the Nurses
As a nurse, you are able to handle the most stressful situations known to humans. When learning how to manage an IABP, Adam’s preceptor used to tell him to just “grow another hand” to get things done. In nursing school you probably careplanned through countless nights, only to work an entire shift the next day, with little respect given to you except by other nurses. You’ve likely worked multiple 16-hour extended shifts in your career with little food or bathroom breaks. You’ve devoted your life to helping others, and now you’re the one that needs help. It’s scary, but get an attorney on your side to lead you through this—whether it’s Adam or someone else. The Board of Nursing’s process may seem insurmountable right now, but know YOU CAN DO IT! It will take guidance, patience, and tenacity—all of which you already have as a nurse. Chin up. You’ll grow another hand and get it done.

Family & Free Time
At one point in his life, Adam was a wilderness first responder and climbing guide. While he doesn’t dangle off cliffs anymore, he still frequently spends time backpacking in the mountains with his wife and four daughters.

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